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Samsung Printer Driver

Avail the complete Samsung printer setup, driver download, and network setup instruction in a click. Here, you can get the step by step instructions for all printer related technical issues. Our professionals walk you through the entire process of Samsung first-time printer setup.

Choose your Samsung Driver Model

samsung scx printer model

Samsung SCX Printer

Save on every print that you take using the Samsung SCX printer. Connect to the computer or mobile device in a jiffy and enjoy hassle-free printing.

samsung clp printer model

Samsung CLP Series

Meet your printing need with the Samsung CLP printer. Now, activate print, scan, copy features by completing the basic setup.

Samsung SL Series

Samsung SL printer is engineered to deliver professional-quality printouts. The basic service offered are print, copy, fax, and scan.

samsung sl printer model

Samsung CLX Printer

Simplify your printing task with the Samsung CLX printer. Now, configure the printer with the computers and get the laser-quality prints in a snap.

samsung clx printer model

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Our experts assist you with Samsung printer related queries. We guide you with the detailed instructions for the below process:

  • First-time printer setup.
  • Samsung printer driver download for Windows and MAC.
  • Connect printer to Wireless network.

Note: You can reach us through call or chat for any assistance on the above processes. Our experts are ready to help you with completing the Samsung setup process successfully.

samsung printer driver setup

Printer setup – For every printer, the first-time setup process is one of the vital steps. We assist you with the complete instructions for a successful first-time installation process along with the latest Samsung Drivers and software. Our experts handhold you through every single step to complete the Samsung setup process.

Driver Download – Similarly, for a successful printer driver and software installation process, you need the right and the compatible driver and software. You can now get the latest drivers and software for every OS version of Windows and MAC that are compatible with it. Also, we are here to help you with downloading the latest Samsung drivers and software for your printer.

Wireless Setup – Now you can connect the printer to the network and the device wireless. For this, you may need a specific set of drivers and software. Sometimes, you may face an error message or difficulty during the Samsung printer wireless setup process. We assist you with the complete Wireless installations process.

Samsung Printer First time setup

samsung printer unboxing infographic

How to Setup Samsung Printer

Samsung first-time setup process includes 3 stages – unbox, install ink and paper, connect to network and computer by installing the drivers.

  • Unboxing – Unpack the device and place it on a flat surface. Then connect a power cable from the printer to the direct power supply on the wall outlet.
  • Install cartridge and paper – Here, install the cartridges into the right slot and load the recommended paper into the slot.
  • Connect to network and devices – Here, you can use either the wired connection or the wireless connection. After that, proceed to the driver download.

How to Setup Samsung Printer Wireless

Wireless connection between the printer and the network is secure with the traditional WLAN setup mode.

  • Here, it would be best if you had the network name (SSID) and the password for establishing a secure connection.
  • Also, you can use the pushbutton mode, which does not require any password for the connection.
  • You can connect the printer and computer (Windows or MAC) wireless by merely adding it to the computer.

Are you facing issues during the Wireless Installation process? Call us or chat with our experts. We assist you with the complete Samsung printer wireless setup process.

How to Install Samsung Printer Driver

Now download and install the latest and the compatible driver and software for your computer. Depending on the computer OS version, you can choose the Samsung Printer Driver and software version. Also, you can use the below steps to install the drivers on your computer.

  • Firstly, connect the printer to the device and the network.
  • Next, download the driver for your device OS version.
  • Now, run the .exe or .dmg installer file and follow the instructions to complete the Samsung printer driver and software installation process.

Note: Sometimes you may face any difficulty or error message during the printer and the driver installation. Call us or chat with us. Our experts provide an easy and quick solution for fixing any error message that may pop during the printer setup process.