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We appreciate your interest in availing the service from samsungdriverus.com. When you continue to use the website samsungdriverus.com, you agree and accept to the terms and conditions stated by the website. It acts as a digital legal agreement among the user/customer and the samsungdriverus. It is a legal document for all projected information on the site that restricts anyone from modifying or use the content.

By using this website, you agree to the future enhancement and changes in this contract/agreement without any prior notice from samsungdriverus.com. You non-expressly acknowledge that any changes can be made on the contract and website if you continue to use the site. Any changes made on the terms and conditions are valid from the day that we post. Every time you visit the website, read and understand the terms and conditions.

1. Scope

You confirm that you are eligible for the legal age to visit the websites. Samsungdriverus.com complies with the law of the USA and applicable for any user from the USA. samsungdriverus.com and its technicians rely only on USA laws and any users from other countries cannot.

2. Use of Marks

The demonstrated Logos, Trademarks, and digital information on the website, samsungdriverus.com, is purely for reference. As a third-party service provider, samsungdriverus is not a part of any organization or brand of the Product. Samsungdriverus does not have any ownership and cannot offer a warranty for the Product at any cause.

3. Proprietary Rights

All information displayed on the website, including diagrams, content, graphics, and info graphics, and also the Service belongs to the samsungdriverus. The previously mentioned information and any other overlooked that are not discussed also the legalized properties of samsungdriverus according to the Copyright law of the USA. Continuing to use this website implies that you agree to use it purely for reference and strictly not for any personal and third-party usage.

4. Compliance with Law

According to our policies, you are agreeing that samsungdriverus can gather, preserve, and disclose information for providing Service. By this, you solely acknowledge and agree that your collected data can be stored according to the USA laws.

5. Warranties and Disclaimers


The product warranty mentioned on the website is not offered by samsungdriverus, and at any cause, samsungdriverus is nowhere responsible for any product warranty or guarantee by the manufacturer. Samsungdriverus is not associated with any brand, organization, or manufacturer and is an autonomous service provider.

  • There is no guarantee, warranty, or validity for any Service and/or Product from the samsungdriverus. The Services include only the mentioned Service and will never extend the scope. Samsungdriverus does not hold affiliation or ownership and/or warranty under any law. Samsungdriverus has no responsibility for any updates, removal, misleads, and/or content failure, user manual, and/or application or software downloaded from samsungdriverus and its service technicians.
  • Take up the Service, software, drivers, and/or Product from samsungdriverus at your interest and risk. Samsungdriverus has no responsibility for any damage, data loss, and/or any fault that happened to any electronic device (including a computer, laptop, mobile devices, and other devices) during or after any sort of Service from samsungdriverus.
  • As an autonomous third-party service provider, samsungdriverus disclaims and/or not responsible for any scam, unauthorized transaction, or fraud under the name of samsungdriverus. Samsungdriverus is nowhere related to any third-parties or other representatives for technical Service or assistance. Samsungdriverus cannot take responsibility for any service and/or Product that you have.


6.Termination of Services

  1. Samsungdriverus reserves sole right for modifying, canceling and/or disclaim any services at any time without acknowledgment and/or any prior notice. By availing any service from samsungdriverus, you understand and agree that samsungdriverus is not responsible for any of the loss or damage such as physical, financial, and data caused because of the changes described above. You also agree that samsungdriverus cannot be claimed and/or charged for any sort of losses that may happen at your side.
  2. Terms and Policies of the samsungdriverus are valid until we announce or cancel, update, and/or modify. Anytime samsungdriverus may disclaim the usage of the resource, content, or any digital information displayed on the website. Samsungdriverus has complete rights to accomplish any of the actions mentioned above without any prior notice or explanation.
  1. Controlling Law and Severability

Terms and conditions are framed abiding the US laws. In case of any invalid terms, samsungdriverus holds the right to modify, and according to the rules, it will be effective from the day posted.


Privacy Policy

Understand and acknowledge our privacy policy before using our website and/or availing Service.

  • Collection of information
  • Disclosure of information
  • Retention of your information
  • US privacy rights

Collection of Information:

Understand that samsungdriverus requires and collects necessary information only for offering better services. Any kind of information gathered via samsungdriverus, any technician, and/or employees as per the US’s Privacy Law. You also agree that samsungdriverus may gather “your information” through any source, including website, chats, forms, technicians, and/or call. The term “Your Information” may or may not include the following.


  • Email address
  • Age
  • Home or Work address
  • Phone numbers
  • Other Contact information
  • Birthdate
  • Demographic information

Every included data in the list is collected following the US’s privacy law. Abiding the Privacy Law of USA, samsungdriverus may gather, preserve, and disclose your data.

Disclosure of Information:

By using the website, you agree that samsungdriverus has a right to disclose your collected information under the following conditions. It is clearly stated samsungdriverus is not responsible for any data loss that may occur at the time of transmission.

  • Your permission
  • When our technician requires access for your information while servicing your device.
  • Also, to safeguard us in every means, including rights, we need access to your information according to the privacy laws.

Retention of information:

You solely agree that samsungdriverus can store and preserve your information in the database for valid and legal purposes.

Information Security

When you continue to use and/or avail Service from samsungdriverus, you agree that you transferring data online is unsecure. We are not responsible for any data theft, loss, manipulation, and misuse of your collected information that may happen while moving across the servers. You accept and agree that you are sharing the data with samsungdriverus, its technicians, and/or employees at your interest and risk. Any accident that happens at the time of transmission is not under the control of samsungdriverus and is not responsible.

US Privacy Rights:

Our privacy policy is framed in such a way to obey the US’s Privacy Law. Also, it abides the FTC law. Any information that samsungdriverus or its employees collect, preserve, and/or share is purely under the US’s Privacy Law.

Refund Policy

We always try our best to offer world-class Service with utter customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with the Service that we offer or the same issue happens again within 24 hrs of fix, then you can approach us anytime for refund. Once you reach us, one of our technicians will proceed with the issue fixing. If the problem is not resolved, you can avail of a refund. After receiving the refund request, our customer support will proceed with the refund as per the policies of samsungdriverus.

One-time Fix: We will process your refund request if the problem stated is not resolved or occurs again within 48 hours of the fix. After 48 hours of the problem fix, any service case is considered to be void if no refund is raised against it.

Any refund request is processed within 7-10 working days as per the banking process. The timeframe may change if the bank process takes a long time.

If you are availing Service from samsungdriverus, then you are accepting the Terms & Conditions of the website. Samsungdriverus is not responsible for any deviation regarding the refund process and policies.


You explicitly consent and agree to indemnify and hold samsungdriverus.com, its directors, employees, representatives and/or any/all associated with the website free from and/or against any loss, claim, demand and/or credit that may arise due to the usage of the website/user content and/or service offered. Any violation of the samsungdriverus.com terms and conditions and violation of any rights, we reserve and hold complete rights to defense, control, and/or dissolve any dispute in any of the events and you consent to cooperate in asserting any dispute.


Samsungdriverus provides services for printers with technical instructions. The logos, trademarks, images, and/or information used on the website are intended only for reference. Samsungdriverus disclaims the ownership for any trademarks and/or other logos on the website. We cannot render any guarantee or warranty for the product and the service, as mentioned by the manufacturer. By visiting and/or using the website, you agree with our Terms & Conditions and hold us free from any liability that may arise with the loss of data or any sort by using the website.