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Samsung Xpress M3015DW Printer

samsung xpress m3015dw printer

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Samsung Xpress M3015DW Driver Setup

  • 01 Samsung Xpress M3015DW Setup instruction guide
  • 02 Samsung Xpress M3015DW driver download and install
  • 03 Samsung Xpress M3015DW Network and Wireless setup

Three Types of Setup

Xpress M3015DW Printer Setup

Samsung m3015dw driver is necessary for the effective functioning of M3015DW. You may require downloading the necessary Samsung m3015dw driver for the Samsung m3015dw setup. Also, these drivers are now available for both Windows and MAC.

Xpress M3015DW Printer Install

Samsung m3015dw driver install is important for the proper functioning of your printer. You may install either the basic set of Samsung m3015dw driver or the full feature drivers and software.

Xpress M3015DW Wireless Setup

Samsung m3015dw driver is important to proceed with the m3015dw Wireless or Wifi setup. Also, with the right drivers, you can connect the m3015dw printer to the network, and the devices wireless easy.

Samsung Xpress M3015DW Setup Guide

Xpress M3015DW is one of the best models from Samsung with better printing and connectivity functions. With this printer, you can print, copy, scan, and fax any supporting documents. Also, you can enjoy high-quality prints at an affordable price with the toner saver.

Power Cord

The basic step in Samsung m3015dw is to connect the printer to the power supply. Generally, Samsung offers a power cable compatible with m3015dw. You may use this cord to connect m3015dw to the direct power outlet.

USB Cable

Samsung m3015dw setup with USB is one of the preferred modes as it offers a stable connection. You may use the USB cable from the pack to connect m3015dw to the computer.

Network Setup

Wired and wireless connection between the Samsung m3015dw and the network is now easy. Also, you may use either the LAN cable or the Wireless to establish a secure network connection.

Samsung Xpress M3015DW Download

Samsung Xpress M3015DW Driver for Windows

Samsung m3015dw driver helps in enhancing the printer performance. It is always essential to keep the Samsung m3015dw driver updated for efficient functioning. Here are the simple instructions to get the recent Samsung m3015dw driver for Windows.

  1. To begin with, download the latest Samsung m3015dw driver to your Windows.
  2. Then, run the driver installation wizard and proceed with the steps on the screen.
  3. Here, you may require setting the basic preferences like region, language, and time.
  4. After that, choose the mode of connectivity between the m3015dw and the Windows computer.
  5. Here, ensure that you do not establish a connection unless the wizard prompts.
  6. Then, on the driver window, choose the Samsung m3015dw driver and software that you require on your Windows.
  7. Finally, complete the driver install for Windows and proceed with the regular printing tasks.

Note: If you face any difficulty with installing Samsung m3150dw driver for Windows 10, reach our experts. We guide you with the complete process of identifying the compatible drivers and installing the same to your Windows.

download samsung xpress m3015dw driver for windows

Figure 1: Download the Samsung Xpress M3015DW recommended driver and install in windows

download samsung xpress m3015dw driver for Mac

Figure 2: Download the Samsung Xpress M3015DW recommended driver and install in Mac

Samsung Xpress M3015DW Driver for Mac

Now you can install the Samsung m3015dw driver for MAC in a click from the CD or online. Also, now you can get the drivers and software for enabling the complete features of your m3015dw. Here are the basic and easy instructions to proceed with the m3015dw driver installation.

  1. To begin with, connect your Samsung m3015dw to the network.
  2. Similar to the printer, establish a secure connection to the network from your MAC.
  3. Then, download the Samsung m3015dw driver online that are suitable for your MAC OS version.
  4. After that, run the downloaded file on your MAC and proceed with the instruction steps.
  5. Here, the wizard may ask for connecting your Samsung m3015dw and the MAC.
  6. Note: Ensure that you do not connect the devices before the wizard prompt.
  7. Then, proceed to the driver screen and choose the Samsung m3015dw driver for your MAC.
  8. Here, you may also choose the add-on software for your Samsung m3015dw printer.
  9. Finally, complete the Samsung m3015dw driver and software install with the wizard steps.

Samsung Xpress M3015DW Printer Wireless Setup

Now connecting Samsung Xpress M3015DW printer to both networks and the devices wirelessly is easy. To connect the Samsung Xpress M3015DW printer to Wireless network, you can use any of these below methods:

Wireless Setup Using MAC

  • To connect m3015dw and the MAC wireless, connect them to the Wireless separately.
  • Then, access the Systems & Preferences on your MAC computer and select devices.
  • Here, you may see all the devices available for connection.
  • Now, select your m3015dw name from the list.

Wireless Setup Methods

  • The wireless setup method to connect the m3015dw and the network requires the Samsung m3015dw driver.
  • Also, you may require the wireless network details such as the SSID and the security password. I
  • nitiate the Samsung m3015dw driver on your computer and complete the wireless setup with the steps.

WPS Buttons

  • The Wireless-protected setup enables a secure wireless connection between the router-modem and the m3015dw.
  • Before proceeding with the connection, ensure that your router has the WPS pushbutton.
  • Then, enable WPS on m3015dw and push the button on your router simultaneously for a connection.

Network Setup using Network Cable

  • Use the LAN or the Ethernet cable to connect the m3015dw and the router.
  • Connect the LAN cable from the Samsung m3015dw to any of the LAN ports on your router.
  • Now, you may see the connection LAN port light on and stable.

Wireless Setup Using Windows

  • Connecting the Samsung m3015dw and the Windows wireless requires the latest Samsung m3015dw driver for Windows.
  • Then, connect the devices to the Wireless network individually.
  • After that, access the Control Panel of your Windows to see the list of available devices. Here, select your m3015dw name.