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Samsung SCX 3405w Printer

samsung scx-3405w driver

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Samsung SCX 3405w Driver Setup

  • 01 Samsung SCX 3405w Setup
  • 02 Samsung SCX 3405w Driver Download and install
  • 03 SCX 3405w Network and Wireless setup

Samsung SCX 3405w Printer Setup

SCX 3405W Printer Setup

The initial Samsung 3405w printer setup involves unpacking, installing drivers, and connecting the Printer to the network and the computer.

SCX 3405W Printer Install

Now download the latest and the compatible Samsung SCX-3405w drivers and software for both Windows and MAC along with expert assistance.

SCX 3405W Wireless Setup

Here, you can get the complete instructions for Samsung scx-3405w wireless setup. You can now connect the Printer to both the network and the device wireless.

Samsung SCX 3405W Setup Guide

Samsung SCX-3405w printer enables you to print, copy, and scan with the multi-function features. Also, with the right set of drivers and software, enable the features of 3405w printer.

Power Cord

samsung scx 3405w printer connect

  • To begin with, the printer setup, connect the brand new Samsung 3405W to the power supply.
  • Here use the original power cord that comes in the pack and connect it to the direct power supply.

USB Setup

samsung scx 3405w printer usb-setup

  • Firstly, grab the original USB cable that comes in the pack along with the new Samsung SCX-3405W printer.
  • Next, connect the USB cable between the Printer and the network for establishing a secure connection with the Device.

Network Setup

samsung scx 3405w printer wireless setup

  • You can connect Samsung SCX-3405W printer to the network in 2 different ways.
  • Now, you can use either the wired mode or the Wireless mode for connecting to the network.

Samsung SCX 3405W Driver Download

Samsung SCX 3405W Driver For Windows

Now download Samsung 3405w drivers for Windows device easy with expert assistance. Also, get the compatible drivers and software for different OS versions, including Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, Windows XP. Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

  1. To begin with, Samsung SCX 3405W driver download, connect the Printer to a Windows device with either the USB cable or the wireless mode.
  2. Next, download the drivers and software files to your Windows device and extract them to a folder.
  3. Now, run the AutoRun file and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.
  4. Finally, try printing a test file to verify the installation.

Note: In case you need help with finding the right and compatible drivers and software, we are here. Our experts guide you through downloading the right drivers and software for Samsung 3405W printer.

Download scx 3405w pritner driver for windows

Figure 1: Download the scx 3405w recommended driver and install in windows

Download scx 3405w pritner driver for Mac

Figure 2: Download the scx 3405w recommended driver and install in Mac

Samsung SCX 3405W Driver Download for MAC

Downloading Samsung SCX-3405 Drivers for MAC is now comfortable with expert assistance. To begin with, connect the Printer to the computer or the network. You can connect them with a USB cable or the wireless mode. Now you can download the latest Drivers for different OS versions. We assist you with the driver installation process.

  1. To begin with Samsung SCX 3405 drivers and software download, connect the Printer to the MAC device with a USB cable.
  2. Next, download the complete set of drivers to your MAC and extract it to a folder.
  3. Then, run the AutoRun file. Here follow the steps to complete the printer driver installation.

Note: After that, verify the installation process by printing a test file and connecting the Printer to the devices. Now you can get the latest SCX-3405 Drivers and software for different OS versions. These OS versions include MAC OSX 10.0 to macOS 10.14.

Samsung SCX 3405w Printer Wireless Setup

  • Now go to Printer settings and navigate to WLAN.
  • Pressing WLAN initiate the Wireless Wizard. Here follow the wizard instructions.
  • Then enter the wireless network password to complete the Samsung scx-3405w wireless setup.
  • To connect SCX-3405 printer to network with Wifi Protected Setup mode, enable the WPS option on your Printer.
  • Now within 2 minutes, push the Wifi Protected Setup button on the reverse of the router to establish a secure connection.
  • To begin with connecting Samsung SCX 3405 printer to Windows computer get the latest Wireless driver and software.
  • Then, add the Printer to the Windows from the Devices option under Control Panel.
  • Firstly, download the necessary Wireless printer drivers and software to the MAC device.
  • Next, add the Printer to the MAC device by selecting the Devices option under the Systems and Preferences menu on clicking the Apple icon.
  • Now connect the 3405W printer to the network with a LAN cable for uninterrupted connectivity issues.
  • Firstly, connect one end of the LAN cable to the Printer and the other to the router.
  • LAN cable usually establishes a secure connection.